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Japanese Rin Gongs

Japanese Rin Gongs are the core of Zen Meditation. The sound of the gong surrounds your mind and body allowing you to enter in to a deep state of meditation and calm. Perfect for any type of meditation or gong meditation. Made in Japan of smooth, finely tuned, polished brass. Each Japanese Rin Gong includes a wooden striker and a silk brocade cushion (colors vary).

These authentic Japanese Rin Gongs are available in three sizes and each produce a soothing and relaxing sound. Use to begin and end a meditation session and for clearing the mind.

Small: 2 3/4" diameter, 1 5/8" tall; $39.00

Medium: 3 3/8" diameter x 2 7/8" tall; $45.00

Large: 4 1/8" diameter x 2 1/8" tall; $59.00
(Note: Large is on back-order and will ship in one week).

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Japanese Rin Gongs
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Japanese Rin Gongs
Great store.
Great products and fast shipping. Love all your offerings and wish I had a place to put them all and the money to buy them.