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Noren-Great Wave

Inspired by the The Great Wave at Kanagawa (from a Series of Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji), Edo period by Katsushika Hokusai

The turbulent wave seems to tower above the viewer, whereas the tiny stable pyramid of Mount Fuji sits in the distance. The eternal mountain is envisioned in a single moment frozen in time. Hokusai characteristically cast a traditional theme in a novel interpretation. In the traditional "meisho-e" (scene of a famous place), Mount Fuji was always the focus of the composition. Hokusai inventively inverted this formula and positioned a small Mount Fuji within the midst of a thundering seascape. Foundering among the great waves are three boats thought to be barges conveying fish from the southern islands of Edo (modern Tokyo). Thus a scene of everyday labor is grafted onto the seascape view of the mountain. This exceptionally designed Noren measures 33" by 59" and is made in Japan. Noren are traditional Japanese cotton and natural rayon blend curtains, used to enhance any room or doorway. Noren are split in the middle so you can walk right through, and have a closed top seam to insert a wooden or bamboo dowel for hanging. Cotton Canvas.

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