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Omni Meditation Bench - Premium Hardwood

The premium, Omni Hardwood Kneeling Bench, handcrafted from selected, domestic cherry hardwoods. Measures 16 1/4" long, 7 1/4" wide, and 6 1/4" tall. The Omni Bench is both beautiful and functional, allowing proper spinal alignment for comfortable meditation practice, without pain or discomfort. The curved rocker base allows the seat to tilt to the position that best fits your body. By properly balancing weight throughout your torso and knees, you can experience a structural balance which places your body at ease, and aids in calm, soothing meditation. The patented Torque hinges are made from high quality steel and plated in brass. The legs lock in place when folded allowing easy portability. Hand rubbed with imported Italian lacquer. Benches come with a one-year manufacturers warranty.