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Shoji Screen 4-Panel Plum Blossom

The lovely Japanese plum blossom, graces this Japanese-styled shoji room divider, combining traditional design with modern functionality. The plum blossom is a symbol of nature and life.

The shoji has a durable wood frame with with sturdy fiber reinforced rice paper providing privacy and the perfect finishing touch to any living area.

The calligraphy is an ancient Chinese poem reading that translates as "It looks like spring is on its way but the snow has not yet melted away. The flowers of the plum blossom are open. And the plum blossoms surround the village. You can see the reflection of the blossoms in the water but it is a hard to decipher which one is reality".

Each panel measures 17" wide and 70 3/8" tall. The screen measures 68" wide when fully extended. The two-way lacquered brass hinges allow the panels to bend in either direction. The pattern may vary slightly due to nature of craftsmanship.

Ships to domestic 48 states only.