Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

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Energy Healing - The essentials of Self-Care.
A How-To Course for the Care and Nourishment of Your Subtle Body.
Author: Ann Marie Chiasson, MD.
Course package: CD's | DVD | Workbook | Reference Cards

True wellness begins at the energetic level. As traditional healers have known for thousands of years and as modern medicine is now beginning to recognize, our symptoms and health challenges can begin first as imbalances in our energy field. So what can you do to enhance the health of your subtle body? With Energy Healing, Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson presents a complete training course in medically sound practices for energetic self-care.

Drawing from the material she teaches at Dr. Andrew Weil's Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Chiasson presents a comprehensive suite of movement, meditation, breathing, and touch-based techniques to improve your health and enhance your vitality. Step-by-Step Instruction in Self-Diagnosis, Clearing Blockages, and much More

Working with energy doesn't require any special gifts, in fact, we do it unconsciously all the time. With Dr. Chiasson's expert guidance, you'll first learn to become aware of ways that the life force moves in your body and affects your physical and emotional state. Then with step-by-step guidance in a wide spectrum of practices, you'll learn how to consciously affect the energy flow to clear stagnant energy, boost vigor and resiliency, and correct potential health problems at the source—before they take root in your physical body.

A Comprehensive Training Course in Energetic Self-Care. “A regular energy-healing practice becomes increasingly important, especially as we grow older and must look to energy sources outside the body to maintain our health,” teaches Dr. Chiasson. With easy-to-follow instruction using audio, video, reference cards, and an illustrated workbook, Dr. Chiasson's Energy Healing provides in-depth training in 28 potent practices to activate your ability to sense and direct subtle energies in the body to help you take charge of your own health and well-being.

Course package includes the following: 5 CD's (running time: 5 hours)
1 DVD (running time: 1 hour) | 25 Reference Cards
Workbook, 107 pages | ISBN: 9781591797715

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