Ikebana Suiban Container - Large

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Ikebana Suiban Container - Large

The Suiban container is the most traditional Ikebana vase. The high quality ceramic Ikebana vase allows you the creative platform to design your Ikebana masterpiece. Flowers, branches or stems are held in place with a Kenzan or Pin Frog.

Ikebana is part of the zen culture, where less is more. Add a few stones in your vase or keep it simple, the choice and creative flower arranging art of Ikebana allows your mind to create anything you desire. This vase is available in black or royal blue (sorry, white is out of stock). The Suiban container measures 12" in diameter and 2 1/2" tall. High quality ceramic, dual fired, superior quality glaze. Made and imported from Japan.

SALE $69.00(Reg. $79.00)

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