Morning Star Fig Value Box

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Morning Star Fig Value Box

Incense is often used as a meditation tool or accessory. The fragrance of incense helps clear the mind and provide a calming and relaxing environment. Morning Star Fig incense is a popular choice around the world.

Introduced by Nippon Kodo 50 years ago, Morning Star is a number one choice for daily use incense. High quality woods and natural essences are carefully mixed to create the fine fragrances Morning Star incense is known for. Fig is believed to enhance memory and works well when performing past-life work.

This value box contains 200 incense sticks. These slow burning and low smoke sticks measure 4 3/4" in length and have an approximate burn time of 25 minutes. A ceramic incense holder is included. One of the reasons Morning Star incense is popular is because they contain no bamboo core. This prevents a burning wood aroma and allows the user to enjoy the true scent of the fragrance.