Morning Star Lotus Incense

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Morning Star Lotus Value Box

Nippon Kodo is a premier Japanese incense producer using time honored recipes that date back over 400 years. The Morning Star incense line is their best selling incense for every day use. Lotus is one of their newest blends producing a fragrance that will enlighten, enhance and stimulate your senses. Enjoy this popular scent of exotic lotus in your sacred space. Morning Star is perfect when you want to create a relaxing atmosphere for meditation, prayer, or yoga. Lotus is believed to help increase mental clarity and focus. Morning Star incense have no bamboo core, which eliminates a burning wood aroma. This allows the pure essence of the fragrance to fill the room.

This value package contains 200 sticks of exotic Lotus fragrance incense. Box includes a ceramic tile burner. Morning Star is a low smoke incense. Burn time is approximately 25 minutes. Sticks are 4 3/4" in length.