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Septuple Rock Cairn

This seven stone Cairn will create the perfect finishing touch or the starting inspiration for your zen garden or outdoor space.

What is a cairn? A cairn is derived from a Gaelic term for a man-made stack of stones. Found all over the world, they range from cone shaped rock formations to delicately balanced piles of rocks and elaborate feats of engineering. Cairns have been used for centuries as monuments, path markers, ceremonies and astronomy guides.

The cairn contains seven natural river rocks from Java Island aged from centuries in nature. Collected and polished, they are imported from Java Island. It is supported by with metal rod in the middle and can be stacked to your preference.

The approximate size 12" high, 6" wide and 3 1/2" in depth and weighs approximately 11-12 lbs. As no two stones in nature are exactly alike, your rock cairn will be a unique and one of a kind garden sculpture.