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Tibetan Phone Bell/ Meditation Timer

Gong Meditation Timer/ or Tibetan Gong Replacement Ringer for Your Phone!

An Easy-To-Use Timer for Yoga, Meditation, or Any Activity. This innovative product also serves as a countdown timer, adding a new aesthetic dimension to any practice. Simply turn the control knob to set the minutes in the LED window, press start, and the countdown timer counts backwards to zero and strikes the Tibetan bowl. Strikes gradually increase in frequency over a 10 minute period.

It's a beautiful way to end a practice session or bring a meeting to a close. The striking mechanism can be set on high or low and the sound of the bowl/bell can also be micro-adjusted by moving the bowl into the best-sounding position on the wooden platform. The mute feature prevents incoming calls from disturbing your practice during countdown timing but still allows the bell to sound at the end of the countdown time.

Simply plug in your phone line, turn off your telephone's ringer, and when a call comes in your phone will ring with the long-resonating tones of a Tibetan-style brass bowl/bell. The Tibetan bowl rings every six seconds (the same interval as your phone's ring cycle) until picked up.

The new Tibetan Phone Bell is an attractive decorative accessory that fills your home or office with beautiful tones whenever you receive a call. (Telephone not included.)


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