A Fantastic Show Awaits with the Dancing Water Dragon Bowl!


If you’ve ever filled a wine glass half full of water, wet the rim and then moved your fingertip around the edge, you know it can make the glass “sing”.  Sonic vibrations like these have been used to turn wine glasses into musical instruments, and a similar concept is at work with the Dancing Water Dragon Bowl

Simply fill this shallow bowl with water and gently rub the handles.  Eventually the sonic vibrations will make the bowl “sing” too.  The sound vibrations, in turn, disturb the water surface, causing small sprinkles of water to rise up out of the bowl.  Continued practice will get the water to splash up and down as if it were dancing.  It is possible, if you really, really concentrate, to generate both a high and low tone simultaneously, which makes for a fantastic sound and interesting visual show.  Tibetan legend has it that the higher you can make the water rise toward your face, the longer you will live. 

Tibetan Dancing Water Dragon bowls can be a wonderful aid in meditation as well as a great conversation piece. This bowl makes a wonderful aid in meditation or a great conversation piece.  If you haven’t seen these Zen bowls before, it is probably because they are somewhat rare in the United States. 

Hand cast in a green patina brass, these beautiful basins are authentic reproductions of the meditation water bowls dating back to the 5th century.  Fine detailing of intertwined dragons are embossed all around the inside and the bottom, making these bowls a great gift for anyone with discerning taste and an Asian flair.  Tibetan Dancing Water Dragon bowls make a great Feng Shui gifts and can be displayed inside the home or in a garden setting outdoors.

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