A Simple Buddha to Grace your Garden with Serenity

Large Garden Buddha

Large Garden Buddha

Spending time in a quiet corner in your yard can be a tranquil way to enjoy an afternoon of peace and serenity.  Adding this exquisitely crafted Garden Buddha to your home environment will enhance the experience of enlightenment. 

Known as the avatar of the Hindu god, Vishnu, the Buddha represents the philosophical system that has produced the culture of enlightenment throughout much of eastern and southern Asia.  Buddha is synonymous with an “awakened” state, and is the physical embodiment of deep meditation.

This masterfully detailed Garden Buddha features hands that symbolize the mystic triangle, a fire that consumes all impurities. Representing the Three Jewels of Buddhism, the triangle encompasses the Buddha himself, the Sangha, and the Good Law.  This statue’s very plainness and simplicity is part of the attraction, making it the ideal centerpiece of any garden. 

Buddhism is an unerring philosophy with many followers worldwide.  Based on the ethics of compassion and enlightenment, Buddhism seeks serenity and tranquility.  The Buddha statue is an important part of this quest for departure from this robotic life, an ever-present reminder of the “knowledgeable one” and founder of Buddhism. 

Seated with eyes cast down, a patina-like finish coats this graceful Buddha.  It is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy and the bottom of the statue has a soft protective covering. Measuring 21 1/2” tall, 16” side and 15” deep, this handsome Buddha makes an elegant addition to any meditative space.

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