A Tatami Bed is the Foundation of Your New Zen Bedroom

tatami bedsHave you shopped for mattresses lately?  If not, then you may be in for sticker shock when you see the price.  As more people look for alternatives to expensive mattresses, a new trend has evolved for the modern bedroom.  A tatami bed is often called a Raku bed, which can be translated as “simple comfort.”  But to the casual observer a tatami bed is much like a platform bed.  They are easy to set up on your own and they embody the Zen principles of simple décor. 

Low-profile tatami beds do more than make a bedroom look sensational.  They incorporate design themes from contemporary Japanese furniture that bring your bedroom into harmony with nature.  Both comfortable and pleasing to the eye, tatami beds are an all natural product, meaning that nothing synthetic is used in the creation of the bed, or the tatami mat.  Rather than buying a box spring and mattress made with particle board, petroleum based paint or synthetic materials, buyers of tatami beds know they’re getting a 100% natural and organic bed that is environmentally friendly.

At Chopa.com, the perfect tatami mat is made in traditional Japanese style with a fiber filling.  Rather than using baked rice straw, this tatami bed mat contains a tree fiber filling that is made from natural cellulose.   Crafted with a natural rush grass exterior, these mats are sewn together with a fabric border and bound with organic twine. 

Once you switch to a tatami bed, it is natural to look for complementary décor for your new Zen bedroom.  Where better to find this than at Chopa.com?  When customers look for Zen furniture and décor, one of the first things they find here is a tatami bench.  The perfect accent for a Zen-inspired bedroom or hallway, the top of the bench is actually made with a removable tatami mat, making it an ideal match for a tatami bed.  Ideal for sitting or putting on shows, the rest of the bench is made from Asian hardwood, and it had four deep drawers for ample storage. 

Another match for your new tatami bed is a tatami zaisu chair.  These distinctive “legless” chairs have a curved backrest for ultimate comfort, and they are made from sustainable Asian woods that have been laminated with a shiny coating.  Chopa.com offers a nice selection of Zaisu chairs to match your tatami bed.

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