A Zenergy Chime Trio Can Help You Achieve Balance From Within

zenergy chimeIn this stressed-out world we live in, it is imperative to have a repertoire of coping mechanisms to help calm the mind and body.  Some people choose yoga, others meditation and others simply take a nature walk or sip some green tea.  While these activities are often enough to relieve tension, they are more about physical sensations than they are about internal balance, and none of them focus on sound. The Zenergy chime is designed to relieve stress and help people achieve total relaxation through its healing power.  

Westerners can learn a lot about the healing power of sound from the ancient cultures of India, Asia, Europe, Africa and even the Aboriginal and American Indians.  Their long held traditions of using sound for healing and balancing the mind are still practiced today.  In many parts of Asia, one will often hear bells, singing bowls, chanting and chimes used in uplifting spiritual practices, or repetitive sound vibrations used in sacred Native American ceremonies.  The Zenergy chime duo, trio or quintet can be used in much the same way to adjust imbalances in the emotional, spiritual or physical being.   

This Zenergy chime trio can be used to produce pleasing tones during meditation or as a personal improvisational instrument.  Just a gentle tap with the rubber mallet and this handcrafted Zenergy chime emits a beautiful resonant tone that reverberates throughout your sacred space, making it the perfect way to redirect our internal focus and achieve a balance that can only come from within.  It is made from a cherry-finished hardwood base with three hollow aluminum rods.  A matching wooden mallet is included.

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