Add Color and Texture to Your Rooms with Japanese Noren Panels and Wall Hangings

japanese noren panels and wall hangingsHome decorators are always looking for the “next big thing” to recommend to their clients – whether it is a decorative folding screen or an attractive faux finishing technique.  That’s why so many interior decorators have gravitated to Japanese noren panels and wall hangings.  Because they are simultaneously a colorful piece of artwork and a room divider, these attractive and affordable wall hangings do more to enhance a room than any single decorator piece.

If you have always been intrigued by Japanese art prints, then choose one of these well known iconic images, now available in Japanese noren panels and wall hangings

  • A Mt. Fuji Noren is an excellent way to decorate your room in Zen fashion.  Many Japanese art prints depict this majestic mountain because it is an enduring symbol of Japanese culture.  Rich in color in texture, this 33” x 59” wall hanging is split down the middle so you can walk through it.
  • Japanese Carp in shades of red, gray and orange swirl around with gold accents on this richly colored noren wall hanging.  This beautifully themed Japanese curtain enhances any room or doorway.

If Japanese noren panels and wall hangings won’t fit in your space, then you may want to add some Japanese art prints to your sacred space.  Feng Shui framed prints incorporate calligraphy symbols for things like prosperity, success and love to help reinforce these aspects of life in your home.  

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