Bamboo Area Rugs – An Environmentally Friendly Floor Covering

bamboo area rugsAs any interior designer will tell you, if you want your interior space to have a totally “Zen” look, then a traditional area rug just won’t do.  Not only will most floor coverings take away from the natural look of your space; they are not usually made from sustainable fibers.  One way to complete the look and make your room more environmentally friendly is by adding bamboo area rugs.  

Most Western homeowners haven’t been exposed to many of the floor coverings used throughout Asia, but bamboo area rugs are actually quite common in Zen décor. They have a natural, organic style that adds a richness and texture to any interior space.  Eco-friendly and extremely durable, these rugs are made from slim bamboo slats that have been kiln-dried and buffed to bring out their natural colors.  Cotton accent stitching is added to complement the slats and is bound at the edges and corners.  To keep them from sliding around, each rug has a dotted felt backing.  Most bamboo area rugs come in a standard 5’ x 8’ size. 

The bamboo plant is found in many areas throughout China, and it plays an important role in Chinese-made home furnishings.  The plants used to make bamboo area rugs grow high in the Anji Mountains at the rate of about ten feet per year, where they actually freeze for a few months during winter.  This makes the plant heartier and denser than the type of bamboo typically grown in the tropics. Bamboo is actually a grass that has a tree-like structure and strong stems that appear to be made of wood, but they are hollow inside.

Environmentalists love bamboo area rugs because they are made from a sustainable resource, but they also help allergy sufferers.  If you want to modernize your home or office in an earth-friendly way, then bamboo rugs are the ideal floor covering.  For the best selection, shop

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