Before You Buy Shoji Screens Online – Shop for Quality

buy shoji screensOnline shopping may be a lot safer and more convenient than ever, but that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind; especially when you buy Shoji screens.  There is a huge difference between cheap, lightweight screens and the authentic Japanese room dividers made from hand selected woods.  But how do you know which one you are buying? 

 Buy Shoji Screens from

To be perfectly blunt, the best way to make sure you’re getting the best quality Shoji screen room dividers for your money is to buy from a reputable importer of Japanese and Zen home décor.  This one of those instances where buying from Amazon just won’t do.  When you buy shoji screens made from cheap materials, you will end up with a product that is either warped or too light to stand up on its own.  Also the screens themselves are made from a cheap translucent paper that is easily damaged during shipping.

In contrast, when you buy Shoji screens from, you will be favorably impressed by the details – from the hand-selected woods and white “ocean mist” rice paper, to the top quality hardware and Warlon backing.  The beautiful Shoji doors and room dividers at will give your sacred space more privacy and create the perfect ambiance for yoga, meditation and casual gatherings.

At, their best-selling Shoji screens are made with three panels in a multi-paned design, and they are expertly crafted with lacquered brass hinges that bend in either direction.  The panels are made of solid wood with fiber-reinforced rice paper screens that diffuse light and soften the appearance of any room. Available in black, cherry and natural wood finishes, each panel is 17” wide by 70.25” tall.

To buy Shoji screens that will complement your décor, as well as countless other Japanese furnishings, visit today!

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