Brass Incense Burner Tibetan Buddha

Brass Incense Burner with Tibetan Buddha

Brass Incense Burner Tibetan Buddha

The sweet and sultry aroma of incense wafting through your home can help you unwind after a long day.  Incense also makes a creative addition a summer evening get-together.  But all incense is not created equal.  Lovers of Tibetan incense may not appreciate the fruitier scents found in the West, and Indian incense can have a completely different aroma.  Whatever incense you prefer, this Brass Incense Burner with a Tibetan Buddha will make an excellent addition to your home decor.

Beautifully detailed with a Tibetan Buddha on the lid and bowl, this solid brass incense burner has handles that resemble lotus flowers.  It has three legs that keep the heat away from furniture, and can be used to burn either charcoal or stick incense.

In Tibetan meditation practices the Tibetan Buddha plays a significant role.  Buddhists aim to achieve a state of Buddhahood, free from all mental obstructions.  The Buddha statue serves as a reminder for followers to attain the state of bliss that comes from rituals like meditation.

A special type of Tibetan healing incense is used in Buddhist meditation to clear the mind, combat stress and relieve tension.  By incorporating 25 different fragrant ingredients, this type of incense is known for its curative properties and is manufactured using specifications outlined in the Tibetan Buddhist Medical Tantra text. When used in meditation, it can help people achieve a calm and tranquil state.

This Brass Incense Burner with a Tibetan Buddha is the perfect way to start using the healing powers of Tibetan incense in your home.  It measures 5 3/4” high and approximately 4” in diameter.  Click to buy the  Tibetan Brass Incense Burner Buddha. Click to shop our selection of Japanese incense, Zen burners and and incense supplies.

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