Bring Good Fortune to Your Outdoor Space with this Large Garden Buddha

Large Gaden Buddha

Large Gaden Buddha

Now that the spring weather is finally here, it’s time to create that meditative space in your garden where you can soak up the sun and feel at peace with the world.  This tranquil spot will not be complete without the iconic beauty of a Garden Buddha.

Before the Buddha became a common fixture in the Asian garden, it had long been a symbol of mythology and good fortune.  Hindu gods like Krishna, Ganesh, Vishnu and Buddha have given people of the Hindu and Buddhist faith a tangible deity for worship, while bringing to mind the cultural heritage of the stories they tell.  Ever since the 8th century, when the Pala and Chola empires arose in India, bronze statues have played a major role in shaping the beliefs of Hindu worshippers.  Today, they are used as inspiration for people to develop the inner qualities that bring happiness, satisfaction and good fortune.

This masterfully designed Garden Buddha is seated with hands folded into a mystic triangle, which is symbolic of the fire that consumes all impurities.  It also represents the three “jewels” of Buddhism, which are the Good Law, the Sangha, and the Buddha himself.  By keeping this Buddha in your garden, you will continually be inspired to achieve your full potential in life, which will help you develop the qualities that bring your dreams to fruition.

This Garden Buddha is cast from a high-quality, weather-resistant aluminum alloy and coated with a patina-like finish.  Measuring 16” wide and 21.5” tall, the bottom has a soft protective covering that will keep it from damaging tabletops.  Whether you get a Large Garden Buddha for yourself or as a special gift for someone else, it is certain to become a conversation piece.

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