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Make a Bold Statement in this Black Dragon & Mt. Fuji Yukata

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Black Dragon Yukata with Mt. Fuji

You may already be familiar with the Japanese kimono, but perhaps you’ve never heard of a “yukata.”  Just like a kimono, a Japanese yukata is shaped like a capital “T”, but it is made from a lighter weight fabric than the kimono.  Also, like kimonos, these colorful robes are often worn with a yukata obi, or sash.

Yukatas originated from the robes worn by Japanese noblemen in the 17th century, known as “yukatabira.”  The word “yu” means bath, and “katabira” means “under clothing”, so while the yukata may look a lot like a kimono, wearing yukata robes as clothing in Japan might be akin to wearing pajamas in public.