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It’s Almost Spring – Time to Start Planning Your Zen Garden

Friday, March 1st, 2013

zen rock gardeningIn case you’re not familiar with the concept of a Zen garden, let’s just say “it’s not your grandmother’s garden,” and probably not your mom’s either.  As nontraditional as Zen gardening may be to the Western eye, it has an effect on people that borders on transformational.  One visitor who sat in the Zen rock garden at London’s Three Wheels Temple said this: “It is very hard to explain… suddenly you feel a great peace and you feel just completely happy sitting there.  All your mind wants to do is be there, taking in the tiny details like the shapes of the rocks and little patches of purple in the dark green of the moss.”


Table Gongs and Chimes Bering Instant Tranquility

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

table chimes and desk gongsIt may seem a little far-fetched, but the sound of certain gongs and chimes can cause a physiological response in many people.  Just as noted author William Congreve once said, “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast;” the same could be said about the sound of a gong.



Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

What is a pendulum? The pendulum is an important tool to assess the status of the seven main energy systems known as chakras.

A pendulum is one of the oldest and simplest methods of obtaining information intuitively. It is a highly reliable communication tool between the subconscious mind and the electromagnetic fields of the aura. It acts as a powerful antenna that receives vibrational information from the energy waves present in all things.

The use of crystals and stones in pendulums has evolved through research with proven results. Einstein and Davinci used pendulums with great accuracy. By refining and polishing gemstones into various shapes, the stones became better conduits of intelligence and spiritual enlightenment.
We are pleased to offer a wide selection of pendulums and each stone is thought to evoke different qualities that may benefit the user.

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Labradorite is a stone of transformation that imparts strength and perseverance
through times of change. It is believed to balance and protect the aura, raise consciousness and act as a grounding tool. Used for centuries as a healing stone and for supporting greater intuitive abilities, Labradorite fosters clear mindedness and instills confidence in life and universe. It is also believed to foster greater creativity and imagination.

Moss Agate is believed to help clear the aura and promote tranquility and emotional balance. It is represented to promote self expression, communication, and abundance. It balances the energies of mind, body and spirit. The meaning of Moss Agate is also thought to increase confidence and self-esteem.

Carnelian is thought to boost energy, promote calm, tranquility and peace of mind. It is believed to protect against negative energy, increase self esteem and promote prosperity.

This six faceted pendulum is comprised of seven layers of stone, each representing a chakra and the power points of life force in the body that circulate the energy.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love and healing. It is believed to attract unconditional love and opens the heart, encouraging forgiveness and kindness.

Amethyst is a powerful stone of the mind. It promotes calm and clarity and enhances healing and self-realization. Amethyst fosters Attunement to the inner self, balance of the chakras and personal transformation.

Tigers Eye is an excellent centering stone bringing a sense of calm and tranquility from within and protection from negativity. It is also known for its qualities of attracting abundance, harmony and prosperity.

Blue Lapis is believed to offer mental clarity, reasoning and objectivity. It is also used as a focusing tool for meditation and dream analysis.

Aventurine is thought to stimulate new growth, repairing heart ache and balancing energies. It is known to be a powerful conduit of wealth, luck and abundance.


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Discovering Your Inner Wisdom through Pendulums

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Every day we face challenges and uncertainties and more often we wish the answer would come to us. The decision making process can be clouded by well meaning advice from friends family, co-workers and the internet. The best advice you can receive is from your inner
self as only you can sense deep within you, what will work for your greatest good.

Learning how to access this inner guidance can be challenging but the benefits and rewards are fulfilling. The use of a pendulum can be a wonderful tool that links you to the higher sources of information providing the necessary direction and answers you are seeking.

Patience and practice is key to learning to use a pendulum. Through regular use, it will become a valuable and reliable asset for your own personal and spiritual growth. The use of pendulums dates back thousands of years and was used extensively by the ancient Romans and Nostradamus.

A pendulum is a conical sphere hung on a cord that can be made from stone, crystal, metal or wood. It is thought the composition of the pendulum offers unique properties that provide added benefits to the user. A pendulum made from Amethyst for example, is believed to foster attunement to the inner self, balance of the chakras and personal transformation.

When you select a pendulum, carry it with you for a few days. This allows it to adapt and resonate with your energy offering more accurate use.

Before you start, take a few minutes to relax, breathe deeply and clear your mind. You want to be centered, relaxed and free from all expectations. This is the most important step in using a pendulum and probably the most difficult to maintain throughout the process. Be mindful of having no preconceived expectations or allowing the ego to influence your answers.

Before each use, bless the pendulum and ask that your higher inner self, your spirit guides and the universe guide you for only your highest good and the greatest good of others involved. Never use your pendulum for negative purposes. The ego can be a very powerful and negative influence in your life so be sure not to use your pendulum for these reasons.

Set the intention for the use of your pendulum that it will move in a clockwise circle for “yes” answers and all other movement will be a “no” answer which may reflect as counter clockwise, elliptical or back and forth in a straight line either horizontally or vertically.

To begin using the pendulum, lightly hold the cord between your thumb and forefinger using your dominant hand. Rest your elbow comfortably on a table, the arm of a chair, or your knee so it is hanging freely and away from your body. Hold the pendulum until it becomes still.

The pendulum requires that you ask only “yes” or “no” questions. To begin to get a feel for it, start by asking simple questions that you know the answers too such as, am I male or female, and am I married? Watch the pendulum begin to move in a clockwise circle. Next, practice asking some questions that will reflect a “no” answer. Watch the pendulum’s movement. It should reflect movement different from the “yes” answer questions. Pendulums move in accordance with an individual’s unique electromagnetic field energy so it is important to note the nuances of movement when asking yes or no questions.

When you feel comfortable with the movement and validation of the test questions, you may begin asking questions that you are seeking guidance for. The answers are waiting in your subconscious mind, your inner self and the higher universe.

Your questions need to be considered carefully with regard to being very specific and narrow in scope. Avoid vague, open ended questions and direct your questions to a specific person, place or event.

Once you have become familiar with using the pendulum to ask questions, t is also an excellent tool to assess the energy fields in your seven chakras and in others as well. If you are using your pendulum to assess your own chakra fields, do not loan it out to others as the pendulum is synchronized to your own energy
and may influence future readings on yourself.

It is necessary to clear and charge your pendulum after each use. This can be accomplished by setting the intention to clear the pendulum of all residual energy that may be present and to re-energize it with clear energy for the next use.

The use of a pendulum is available to anyone who desires answers to the questions they are seeking. The answer lies within you and with the pendulum’s help, the answers will come from a higher, guiding wisdom that awaits you to simply ask. Trust in your inner wisdom and the answers that are given to you and remember to thank the universe for the gifts you have received.

The Facts about Buckwheat Hull Pillows and Zafu Cushions

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

buckwheat hull pillowLike many retailers selling organic kapok and buckwheat hull cushions, I had a hard time explaining the differences between these two natural fillings.  This has been particularly true for online stores, whose customers are unable to feel the weight and texture of either material.  Rather than taking a wild guess or choosing the one that sounds like it will work, I recommend learning about each of them in this series of articles.  The first article, Kapok Pillows and Zafu Cushions, will give you the download on kapok and this one will fill you in about buckwheat hull pillows.


Kapok Pillows and Zafu Cushions

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

kapok pillowsAs a retailer that sells a variety of organic kapok and buckwheat hull meditation cushions, I am often asked about the pros and cons of each material.  This can be a complicated question to answer in just a sentence or two, so I decided to publish a short article about each.  Like almost everything else, the choice comes down to a matter of personal taste, but I hope these articles will help you make an informed decision.


Give Gifts that Make Scents – Like Exotic Incense

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

If you think it’s too early to be talking about holiday gifts, you may want to check your calendar.  We are less than one week away from Black Friday, the official start of the holiday season.  It may be tempting to run out and get some bargains for everyone on your list, but in my experience it can be difficult to find something for that “person who has everything.” Sure, you could pick up a gift card or a bottle of wine, but not without appearing like you have no imagination.  Why not consider something different like exotic incense and incense holders? (more…)

How to Meditate – Books and CDs for Beginners

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

how to meditateHave you ever wondered how to meditate?  Unless you have actually tried it; you could think it looks easy.  Outside of certain circles, we’re all  conditioned to believe that successful meditation is a simple, that if we just sit in the right position on meditation cushions or “zafus,” the mind will automatically wander into a semi-conscious state.  But beginners soon realize that achieving this focused relaxation is very difficult when the mind is in a heightened state of awareness.  With all the constant messages bombarding our brains all day; it’s no wonder we have a difficult time “emptying the mind.”  Thankfully, there are hundreds of books to help people you hone your meditation techniques and discover which method works best for you.


Tranquility is Easy with Ikebana, Rock Cairns and Fountains

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

rock cairnsTrue inner peace and serenity is hard to come by these days.  With all the distractions from the media, cell phones, job stress and jam-packed schedules; it’s no wonder we have so little time left over to relax.  People need to find quick and satisfying ways to decompress and detach from the outside world, and Zen gardening is a great way to do this.

Unlike traditional American gardens which consist mainly of flowers, a Japanese garden maintains a much lower profile.  Tranquility is the primary goal of a Japanese garden, so it’s just as likely to contain fountains and rock sculptures as it is to be minimalistic.


From Meditation Mats to Mindfulness – How to Achieve “Inner Silence”

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

zafu meditation cushionMany people try to make meditation a part of their daily routine, but they find it more challenging than they expected. Oftentimes, the more stressed one becomes from the endless mental “chatter”; the less likely they are to achieve a state of inner silence.  It’s a vicious circle.  As frustrating as this can be, there are many ways to fix it through a combination of physical and mental props.

As someone who has been practicing meditation regularly for the past 20+ years, I am often asked for advice from people who are just starting out.  “I can’t meditate,” they will say, “and “my mind just won’t shut off, it’s too hard!”