Celebrate a 400 Year Old Tradition with Japanese Incense from Nippon Kodo

japanese incense + nippon kodoWhat is it about incense that makes it so soothing to the soul?  The effect of its aroma has a noticeable impact on the mood, and opens the mind up to a greater spiritual awareness.  With its wonderful range of scents, the Japanese incense from Nippon Kodo instantly transforms the mood of a room, making it perfect for relaxation, meditation and yoga.  But users of this incense are so entranced by its aroma that they often burn it while reading a book or spending time with friends. 

Incense became quite popular in the United States during the 60s and 70s, and still enjoys a loyal following of “incense connoisseurs”. These collectors will often choose a different fragrance to match each of their moods.  For serious incense users, Japanese incense from Nippon Kodo is always a favorite.  Unlike much of the incense sold in the U.S., Nippon Kodo uses the highest quality natural ingredients and mixes them according to traditional formulas that have existed for hundreds of years. 

To the Japanese, incense is more than just a pleasant-smelling distraction.  It is steeped in tradition, with each scent symbolizing a different aspect of Japanese culture.  Japanese incense from Nippon Kodo brings a new dimension to living and a renewed spiritual awareness, which may explain why it is one of the most loved and trusted brands in the world. 

One of the popular varieties of Nippon Kodo Japanese incense is the Kayuragi pomegranate fragrance.  In Japanese, Kayruagi means “fragrance that meets with wafting smoke” and the pomegranate scent is known for its refreshingly vibrant undertones.  Each box of Nippon Kodo Japanese incense contains 40 sticks, each with an estimated burning time of 25 minutes.  It also contains a miniature porcelain incense burner.  Because there is no bamboo in the core of each stick, it burns cleanly an evenly with a pure scent.  Made in Japan, it is packaged beautifully in a box that is wrapped with pink and purple Kimono-inspired fabric, making it the perfect gift for any incense enthusiast.

In addition to Pomegranate, other popular fragrances include Jasmine and Wisteria incense, each with its own distinct Kimono fabric-covered box.  If you’ve never tried incense, maybe now is the time to give it a try.  For the best selection of quality Japanese incense from Nippon Kodo, check out the impressive assortment at Chopa.com.

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