Close out the Cares of this World with Elegant Japanese Fusima Doors

Japanese Fusima Doors

Japanese Fusima Doors

How do you make a small living space more functional, or loft-style apartment cozier?  The simplest answer is to create intimate spaces with a Shoji screen or with Japanese Fusima Doors.  Similar to the impact of Shoji screens, Fusima doors can redefine the spaces within a room while adding a decorator’s touch.  The major difference is that instead of folding up, accordion-style, they slide from side to side on tracking.  They can also be used as actual doors for rooms or closet doors.

When most people think about home decorating, closet doors aren’t the first thing that come to mind.  However, in Asian countries a Fusima door is quite common.  Most of the interior doors and partitions found in Japanese homes are made from native woods, either in a lattice pattern or as a solid piece like these Japanese Fusima doors.

The warmth and beauty of these artfully designed Fusima doors will add richness and texture to your living space.  On each panel there is a Zen-inspired design that is screen-printed on cream-colored Washi paper using warm browns and soft greens.  Washi paper is specifically designed for Fusima printing, and is mounted on doors that are handcrafted from Scottish Pine.  To enhance the Asian look of these doors, each door panel is inset with a delicately painted pull, made from black lacquer with a bamboo print.

Japanese Fusima doors come in a variety of Asian inspired designs, including Fisherman and Village, Japanese Trees, Crane and Trees and Pagoda and Cherry Blossoms.  Each print is designed exclusively for Chopa by Asian Artisans, and screen printed on the door panels to create a continuous restful scene that goes from one panel to the next.  The set includes two door panels and nether bars, but the tracking system is not included.   Choose your favorite design and select from two sizes: 80″ x 30″ x 1″ and 80″ x 36″ x 1″.

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