Could Your Home Benefit from a Japanese Temple Gong?

japanese temple gongAs someone who studies the traditions of Asian cultures and often compares them to modern day American culture, I am always amazed at the simplicity with which the Japanese live their lives.   

Thousands of years as a civilization have taught them some important concepts that still elude Westerners. One of these is evident in the tradition of the Japanese temple gong.  Even though most Asians today are no longer entrenched in the use of Japanese gongs, the temple bowl gong remains a favorite carryover from ancient Buddhist culture. 

As a civilization that appreciates the qualities of a good sound system and enjoys listening to our favorite tunes wherever we go, the Japanese temple gong should be part of every home in America.  I only suggest this because these resonant gongs have a sound that reaches into the very core of your being with deep humming vibrations.  This may explain why they have been used Buddhist temple for thousands of years.

For the home, a Japanese temple gong is much smaller than the originals, but it can have the same effect on listeners.  This Japanese gong is made of a blackened bronze and iron alloy that is hand hammered for authentic tonality.  It comes with brocade cushion made of the finest silk fabric, and the chamois covered striker has a beautiful red lacquered handle.  This gorgeous temple bowl gong makes a melodious sound that soothes the soul. 

While this traditional Japanese temple gong may not be for everyone, it makes a lovely gift for that person on your list that has everything.

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