Decorate for Spring with Japanese Garden Fountains

japanese garden fountainsAs nicer weather becomes the norm and you start moving into the slower pace of summer, it’s time to start  spending time in the garden.  Whether you have a small Japanese Zen garden or a lush tropical landscape, Japanese garden fountains can play an important role in your outdoor décor.  Japanese Zen water fountains are a great way to decorate your indoor sunroom or enclosed patio too. 

You don’t have to be an interior decorator to see the importance of including a focal point in your garden area.  Whether it is a brilliantly colored Ikebana arrangement, a garden chime, or Japanese garden fountain, accessories like these can make your Zen garden even more beautiful and unique. 

For the best selection of Japanese Garden Fountains, check out the Ikebana pages at  Here are just a few examples of their latest additions.

  • Three Pillars Lighted Fountain – The soothing sound of water emanates from this softly lit Zen style fountain, making it the perfect accent for any garden space.  Made from faux stone resin, the quiet pump of this fountain is completely submersible and the LED lighting atop each of its pillars catches the light on the water as it cascades downward.
  • Tower Lighted Water Fountain – A graduated tower design and soft lighting creates a Zen-inspired atmosphere in this beautiful Japanese garden fountain.  Constructed in stone-look resin and lit with an LED light at the base, this fountain is designed to accent the cascading water as it flows into the base.  A Chopa best-seller, this fountain uses a quiet submersible pump that keeps the water flowing smoothly.
  • Copper Leaves Table Fountain – This interesting looking fountain is made with a circle of stone-look resin that encompasses a graceful composition of copper leaves.  Soft lighting and a unique design makes this table fountain the perfect accent to any room.
  • Shinto Lighted Table Fountain – A perennial favorite among Japanese garden fountains, the Shinto table fountain resembles Shinto architecture with its Pagoda-like tiers. A luminous glow emanates from the top and captures the beauty of the water as it cascades down the sides, and the quiet submersible pump ensures that all you hear is the soothing sound of falling water.

Always a favorite for Mother’s Day, these beautiful Japanese garden fountains make a wonderful gift.  A Japanese water fountain is one of the best ways to give your home a peaceful, Zen-inspired look.

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