Dragon Tingsha Meditation Cymbals Clear the Mind

Dragon Tingsha Meditation Cymbals

When the two pieces of this Drgaon Tingsha Meditation Cymbal strike each other, they signal the mind and body to relax.  This Hindu and Buddhist tradition started out when Tingsha and Cymbal instruments were used in chanting, ceremonies, and ritual offerings.  Today’s Tingsha cymbals are used to clear the mind at the beginning of a timed meditation session, and they are rung again to signal the end of a session.

In Asian culture, the dragon symbol is strongly associated with the healing qualities of water, as these creatures are known for being the rulers of rivers, seas and waterfalls.  Japanese artists often depict the dragon revealing itself during tornados and twisters on the water.

The traditional Tingsha gong has been used for centuries in Buddhist rituals.  Because the metal disks each have a slightly different pitch, the combined effect when they strike each other has a very unique, reverberating sound.  Outside of the Buddhist traditions, Tingsha cymbals have been used to clear a space of negative energies and for healing purposes.

Most Tingsha gongs are made of an iron alloy, which has a wonderful tonal quality, but the early gongs also included meteorite material. Casting of the metal often includes decorative symbols like dragons and one of the eight auspicious symbols, as well as imprinted Tibetan characters.

These Dragon Tingsha Meditation Cymbals are cast from a heavyweight metal and have an intricate dragon pattern imprinted on each side.  Measuring 3” in diameter, these distinctive cymbals are strung together on a leather thong.

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