Find your “Zen” Space Outdoors with these Sculptural Garden Bells

Zen Garden Bells

Zen Garden Bells

An enchanting landscape, a splendid afternoon, and the perfect Zen garden echoing the soft sounds of nature with delicate Garden Bells… these what we think of when we conjure up the ideal place to relax.  In your mind’s eye, you can easily see the environment you would like to create for yourself, so why not make it happen this year?

A unique bell sculpture can turn an ordinary garden spot into a peaceful oasis, as gentle breezes sway this free standing chime into a melodic rhapsody.  Unlike traditional hanging wind chimes, these Zen Garden Bells can be placed anywhere in your garden and easily moved whenever you like.  If you need a quieter space for meditation, simply move the Garden Bells out of the wind when you need to, and move them back when you are ready.

These beautifully designed kinetic bells are a musical sculpture for the garden, and will enhance any outdoor setting.  Add them to complement the furnishings of your Asian patio or blend into the serenity of your Japanese garden.  They also make a wonderful gift for anyone who has an eye for Asian aesthetics or appreciates the beauty of the outdoors.

When the wind rustles the uniquely shaped brass leavess, they gently touch up against nine polished brass bells, creating a sensational sound that cannot be duplicated anywhere. These contemporary Zen Garden Bells measure 24” tall and 13” in diameter, and are weighted with a natural stone, making them the perfect touch for Zen gardens,  rock gardens and Asian-inspired patios.

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