Finding your Chi – Part One

In this three part series, we will explore the mystical life force of Chi (pronounced chee). In part one we discuss the origins of Chi and how it works within our bodies. Part two will explore how Chi is used in many modalities from ancient times to present day, how to find your chi and develop its full potential. In part three, we will learn how to incorporate Chi into your world to create a more harmonized balance in life.

Chi or Ki in Japan is an ancient Far East philosophy described as our internal life force energy encompassing the infinite energy of the universe, present in all things. This life force refers to the positive and negative electromagnetic energy fields which vibrate at different frequencies around every object, producing vibrant colors known as an aura.

The origins of Chi can be found in writings dating back 10,000 years ago in China, Japan and India. The ancient energy forces are known as Yin Yang and describe how complementary opposite forces are interdependent giving rise to one another. As with everything in life, energy has an ebb and flow, realizing one cannot exist without the other. Through a greater understanding of the rhythm and flow, the Chinese developed medicinal modalities that utilized guided exercises and treatments to generate, conserve, and channel chi energy to promote health and longevity. These same principles are seen today through martial arts, massage, yoga, Reiki, Feng Shui and accu-pressure.

The Yin Yang energies have been given many dualities through the centuries with some later influence from western cultures. Yin is translated as “dark” and is seen as feminine, hidden, passive, contemplative, negative and matter. It manifests as the earth elements of water and earth. Yang is translated as “light” and is positive, masculine, good, active and energy. It manifests as the earth elements of fire, air and heaven. Together, Yin Yang creates a whole, known as “Tao” and translated, means “the way.” According to Buddhist philosophy, Tao is the way of the universe and reflects the natural order of things.

The location of chi in the body is the body’s center point of gravity. Located in the abdomen, just below the navel and known as the Dan Tien. The energy flow of Yin and Yang also correlates to our organs and bodies. The physical form of the body is associated with Yin (matter) while the body’s activities and functions are Yang (energy). As they work together in an integrated state, they utilize, combine and create energy. The exterior of the body as well as conditions related to excesses or dysfunctions are Yang. The internal body, cold sensations, medical conditions related to deficiencies are associated with Yin.

Chi energy has a vibrational frequency, sound, and exhibits in bright vibrant colors. The energy flows through the seven chakras and pathways of all living things to foster and maintain body, mind and spiritual health. These pathways carry chi through the body in a fluid manner to the seven chakras in much the same way as chakras operate, as a vortex swirling in a current. This energy network is constantly regulating the flow of Yin and Yang to maintain balance in accordance to what we are experiencing at any given time during the day whether we are at rest or during periods of stress.

When you are healthy and your chakras are in a balanced state, the chi energy flows freely. At the foundation of physical well being, happiness, strength and confidence, chi energy is also the backbone to developing the qualities that lead to a self-empowering and successful life. When chi becomes imbalanced, blockages can occur in your chakras and meridian system ultimately leading to physical or emotional conditions. In addition, an individual’s aura becomes darker or muddied.

In part two, we will explore how Chi is used in many modalities, how to find your chi and develop its full potential.

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