Five Ways to Transform Your Living Space with Shoji Door Kits

shoji door kitsIf you spend a lot of time watching home decorators transform a living space on HGTV, then it’s possible you’ve been bitten by the home improvement bug.  It doesn’t take long before watching shows like this can make you rethink every room in your home, but not everyone has the budget for a complete home makeover.  If you want to take some small steps to reinvent your home’s interior, Shoji door kits are a great way to jump in. 

Unlike their Zen cousins, Shoji screens, Shoji door kits installed on a track, much like a sliding door closet.  The difference between Shoji door kits and Shoji screens is that the door kits are not designed to stand up on their own.  They must be installed in between two rooms or as a closet door. Because they are made with translucent rice paper in every “pane,” these doors are a fantastic way to let in natural light from one room to another – even when the doors are closed.

Here are some ways that designers have found Shoji door kits can play an important role in your home remodeling –

  1. Use shoji door kits in between a kitchen and dining room. The nice part about this is how the dining room becomes a private spot for an intimate dinner.  It’s also ideal when entertaining to hide a messy kitchen from your guests.
  2. Use a shoji door in your Zen bedroom instead of a traditional closet.  These lightweight wood doors slide open easily, and lend a designer look to any bedroom.
  3. A shoji door kit is often used to hide clutter in an office environment without installing a heavy wood closet door.  The room looks more spacious when the closet door is as light as the walls.
  4. Because Shoji doors can let in the light, they make the perfect separation between the main part of the house and enclosed sunroom.  This way, the rest of the house is bathed in light without the need to keep the space open.
  5. Shoji door kits can be used in various places throughout your home to get it an airy and light infused feeling.  They have a signature design that carries the Zen theme throughout your entire home.

The contemporary design of shoji doors is reminiscent of old Kyoto, where many of today’s modern Asian furnishings were conceived.  Made from imported and sustainable Asian hardwoods, they can be used to enhance the kitchen, bedroom, living room or patio.  For the best prices and selection of shoji door kits on the Internet, shop at

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