Give the Gift of Incense this Year

Shoyeido Incense Gift Bag

Shoyeido Incense Gift Bag

If you’ve ever spent time in a home where incense is burned, you will notice a lot more than the aroma.  Incense has a surprisingly spiritual effect on people.  It creates a mood, which can range from soothing serenity to clear-minded energy.  Scents like jasmine and wild rose offer subtleties that stir the senses and open the soul and create an environment for quiet reflection.

For centuries, people around the world have used the natural fragrance of incense to create atmosphere, soothe the psyche, and enliven the spirit.  So revered were the healing properties of incense, that in ancient Japan it was only used by nobility.

This holiday season, why not share the gift of incense with someone you love? Shoyeido’s Incense Gift Bag (shown above) includes three bundles of their Magnifiscents incense, along with a porcelain “snow fall” incense holder, all packaged attractively in a shimmering red silk bag.  A bundle each of Amethyst – for balance, Ruby – for strength, and Diamond – for power, makes the ideal sample for the novice incense burner.

Keep in mind that Shoyeido is the most popular brand of Japanese incense in the world.  In fact Shoyeido has been making premium incense for over 300 years.  It is a very pure blend of natural ingredients, known for its purity and quality.

Because Shoyeido incense is meticulously made without a supporting core stick, it delivers the purest scent from its ingredients. But what really attracts first-time incense buyers to Shoyeido is the attractive packaging.  That’s another reason why it makes such a beautiful and thoughtful holiday gift.

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