Gong Healing – A Transcendent Experience

Healing Gong

Asian cultures have long celebrated the healing properties of gong music, which has played an important role in their meditative and religious rituals.  Because Buddhists believe that sentient beings have 108 different types of worries, they sound the gong 108 times at the beginning and the end of each day.  Upon hearing the gong, Buddhists are reminded to erase these worries and increase their wisdom. 

The concept behind using the gong for healing and meditation has inspired a whole philosophy of musical composition that is based on the pulsating gong sound energy that lifts the spirits and inspires a deeper meditative experience.  The gong can instantly remove obstacles, lift spirits, and remove people from the stress in their lives.  Gong music can renew their perspective, resulting in spiritualization and inner enlightenment.  It is a transcendent, non-religious experience that can expand a person’s soul. 

Most traditional gongs are made of a bronze alloy, which consists of 75% copper, 20% tin, and 5% nickel.  According to most gong masters, nickel is the key element that makes the sound of a gong so spiritual and creates transcendental energy.  Master gong makers expertly hand-hammer the metal, giving the gong its rich and authentic sound. 

When properly played, a gong can produce a wide range of harmonic sounds, based on pressure waves.  These sounds vibrate the body’s energy meridians and bring them into balance.  Many people experience muscle twitches or even minor discomfort as their meridians blockages are released.  This is because the gong sound actually draws out the negative energy from a person, similar to a vacuum.  It is often used in music therapy with children who have hostility issues.  Mysteriously, the gong is able to resolve issues within the spiritual plane that people have trouble resolving physically. 

Gong sounds can rebalance the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. It offers an excellent therapy for stress-related issues, including depression, fatigue, hostility, loneliness, and all kinds of fears.  It can also help with many other conditions related to a lack of harmony and balance within the body.

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