How Can Zen Meditation Chimes Change Your Life?

zen meditation chimesNo matter what phase of life you are in, stress can be your worst enemy in life.  The people who realize this fastest are usually the most successful in life, because they learn how to manage stress in a constructive way.  Not everyone would think of Zen meditation chimes as one of the best ways to relieve stress.  Some people prefer exercise, massage, or a good night’s sleep. The truth is, all of these techniques can do a lot to help you tune out anxiety and reduce stress, but only meditation allows you to shut out the world without working up a sweat, spending money, or losing consciousness. 

Meditation is something that can be done almost anywhere, under the right conditions, and it does a whole lot more than relieve stress.  Some practitioners use Zen meditation chimes, such as the Zen Timepiece Clock, to remind them to remain “mindful” throughout the day.  After many years of practice, some people find they can move into a transcendental state quite easily after hearing the chime.  That’s because Zen meditation chimes and gongs send a gentle signal to the mind that it is time to shut out the world temporarily and truly relax. 

The beauty of Zen meditation chimes is that they can help almost anyone relax – even those people who have no idea how to meditate and no interest in learning about it.  Chimes can be used in other relaxation practices too, such as yoga.  Many people relax at home by dimming the lights, lighting some incense, and practicing yoga.  Some of the chimes sold at are designed for this purpose, and others are used as meditation timers.   For an outdoor garden space or patio, Feng Shui wind chimes add a relaxing dimension of sound. 

If you want to be reminded throughout the day to remain “mindful”, one of the best Zen meditation chimes to buy is the Zen Timepiece Clock.  Some people call this the ultimate alarm clock, but it has become widely known as a “mindfulness bell”.   The acoustic brass bowl makes a resonant gong sound that will fill your sacred space with a complex variety of tones, from a morning bell to gently stir you from sleep using a progressive awakening sequence, to a timer for yoga, meditation and other bodywork.  To find out more about how the Zen Timepiece Clock and other Zen meditation chimes can change your life, shop at

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