How to Fit Feng Shui Chimes Into Your Home Décor

feng shui chimeIf you’ve ever heard them, you know the mystical sound of Feng Shui wind chimes have a distinct allure, but how can you make them work with your décor?  If your home is decorated with Zen principles in mind, then these delicate and beautiful chimes will be a natural fit; but for homes with traditional furnishings a Feng Shui wind chime may work best in a sun room or porch area.  No matter where you place your chimes, you can expect the melodious tones to smooth out the “wrinkles” in your day.

How do these wind chimes fit into the principles of Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui philosophy, we are constantly surrounded by all types of sound, some positive and some negative.  But Feng Shu is based on the invisible presence of Chi, or Qi energy.  The Japanese believe that this universal energy is present throughout our entire environment.  By listening to the natural sounds of the earth – wind rustling through the trees, birds chirping, the sound of waves crashing onto the shore – we become more connected with this natural energy.

When wind chimes are perfectly tuned, as these Feng Shui wind chimes are, they can have the same effect as the natural sounds of the earth.  They can even help counteract negative sounds, such as traffic noise, machines humming, and skateboards.

This may explain why Feng Shui wind chimes have such a relaxing effect on the body.  Whether you hear them chime as you read a book in the evening or when you are busy taking care of children, these magical chimes will help restore your balance with nature’s elemental “Chi” energy.

The Feng Shui chimes shown here incorporate natural and synthetic rose quartz stones, which are believed to bring health, prosperity and good fortune.  They are also known to break up negative energy in the home.  The use of three hollow metal tubes helps promote the circulation of good chi energy throughout your home, or add beauty to your sacred space. 

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