How to Meditate – Books and CDs for Beginners

how to meditateHave you ever wondered how to meditate?  Unless you have actually tried it; you could think it looks easy.  Outside of certain circles, we’re all  conditioned to believe that successful meditation is a simple, that if we just sit in the right position on meditation cushions or “zafus,” the mind will automatically wander into a semi-conscious state.  But beginners soon realize that achieving this focused relaxation is very difficult when the mind is in a heightened state of awareness.  With all the constant messages bombarding our brains all day; it’s no wonder we have a difficult time “emptying the mind.”  Thankfully, there are hundreds of books to help people you hone your meditation techniques and discover which method works best for you.

Meditation for Beginners

As the name implies, this book is a great resource for the person who is new to meditation.  It dispels the myths that say meditation takes years to learn.  By encouraging readers to spend just a few minutes each day, this book focuses on achieving a very natural state of awareness.  Author Stephanie Clement, Ph.D. offers practical suggestions for achieving mindfulness and learning how to focus your attention and release fears.

Guided Meditations for Self-Healing

In this self-guided CD series, three separate practices are introduced that help you tap into the power of healing and compassionate to relieve emotional and physical pain.  These three techniques include Healing Presence, The Healing Temple and The Healing Power of Love.  While focusing on these three pillars of healing meditation, practitioners activate a powerful internal capacity for restoring themselves to wholeness.  Led by well-known meditation teacher Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., this book can help you open the door to true healing at every level of your being.

Bowing – A Moving Meditation for Personal Transformation

What is bowing?  Bowing is the most beautiful of human activities, representing all of life in its most poetic form. It is also one of the best exercises. The simple, repetitive motion uses every major joint and muscle in your body, pumps your heart, and makes you sweat.

While it may seem like more of an “Eastern” tradition, the act of bowing actually helps maintain spiritual and physical fitness.  This inspiring book shows that after only a few weeks of bowing people build strength, cultivate humility and learn to embrace oneness.  People who practice bowing claim it gives them such vitality and strength while brightening their mind and spirit.

Whether you practice Tibetan Buddhism or rely on meditation gongs and zafus for your meditation techniques, these books offer advice to help you enhance your meditative experience.  As you get further along on your journey, you may find that certain other accessories play a role in your daily ritual, such as an offering stand, crystal ball or mala beads.  Books and CDs like these will also play a role in helping you personalize your meditation techniques while broadening your experience.

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