The Natural Life Center – The I Ching of Winter

The Natural Life Center – The I Ching of Winter

The winter season often turns our attention inward, a time for inner reflection of the year past. As winter begins to wane, we gradually experience a gentle turn outwards – formulating plans for the year ahead. The I Ching (pronounced ee jing) of winter communicates this as a time of renewal, or completion, preceding a time of new activity.

As nature is ever resilient in the cycle of breaking down and rebuilding with the leaves of autumn rendered into rich loam for the coming Spring, I Ching teaches we too, can find harmony within ourselves in this process.

As winter winds down, take time to explore and reflect upon the past year. What made you happy and fulfilled? Are you doing enough of those things? What things are no longer serving your best needs? Can you or are you willing to let those go? Looking outward, is there a new goal or direction you would like to pursue this year? What needs to happen to allow this new aspiration to succeed?

The message of I Ching believes the power is within us to use as we grow into the now, leaving behind the past and looking towards the future. As our lives become enriched with joy and gratitude, we understand the rightness that they should be so.

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