Ikebana Lotus Flower Vase Evokes Thoughts of Spring!

If you are tired of winter and need a quick dose of spring fever, consider the Japanese art of Ikebana.  Like so many Asian arts, Ikebana brings together the spirituality of nature and humanity with graceful strokes.  Even if you are not interested in flower arranging, just the unfolding form of this Ikebana Lotus Flower vase will add a flourish of flora to your home environment.

This beautiful Ikebana vase evokes the blooms of a lotus flower, and is available in blended shades of Hamada Purple, Blue, Purple and Red.  Each of these unique hand-crafted vases has a kenzan frong, which holds the stems, keeping them beautiful and fresh for up to three weeks.  Remember, Ikebana literally means “flowers kept alive”.

Before you think of Ikebana as a simple method of flower arrangement, remember the Japanese tend to make every art into a highly disciplined skill.  Instead of focusing only on the blooms of the flowers, Ikebana emphasizes the whole plant by drawing attention to the shape, form and line of everything from the blooms to the stems and leaves.  While it is a form of creative self expression, Ikebana also has some rules.  First of all, every part of it must be organic, including grasses, flowers, branches and leaves.  The individual creations of Ikebana artists show how much more elaborate and imaginative an arrangement of flowers can be.

As each porcelain vase is hand-crafted, no two are exactly alike, so why not create a unique statement by creating one for every Japanese decorated room in your house?  The Ikebana Lotus Flower vase measures 3″ at the base, 6″ at the top and is 3 1/2″ in height. What a great way to kick off spring!

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