Inside Out

We often hear the term “change your life from the inside out”. Best-selling author Tess Whitehurst, advocate for self-love, self-expression and personal freedom believes your home can also be a catalyst for personal transformation and manifestation from the “inside out”.

Tess Whitehurst is an intuitive counselor, feng shui consultant and energy worker. She resides in Los Angeles and has appeared on the Bravo TV show Flipping Out. Ms. Whitehurst is the author of the mega-popular guide Magical Housekeeping, Simple Charms & Practical Tips for Creating a Harmonious Home.

Her book describes how to let your home nourish your soul and uplift your spirit. Adding botanicals into your cleaning supplies can call fairies into your garden then ask a spider for advice. Clear clutter for clarity, perform an oatmeal cookie ritual for abundance, or make a sweet dreams charm for a good night’s sleep.

In this intuitive book, Tess Whitehurst reveals how your home can be a powerful catalyst for personal transformation. She offers a variety of simple, whimsical ways to create harmony in your home while enhancing your own happiness, intuition and magical power.

The author experienced a cleansing in her own life by clearing clutter, addressing aspects of her home to determine what caused tension, what made her feel good and what would embody her soul. It was then that clarity came through and her brainstorming brought success in her own life and home. She shares her secrets with you in this well written, insightful book.

From clearing clutter, simple cleaning, embracing essential oils in to your home, discussing her three secret empowerments, using gemstones, revealing plant and animal allies, using aromas of power to accepting blessings and protections in rituals and daily living, your home can bring you the changes you seek from the inside out.

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