Japanese Bedroom Furniture and Tatami Rooms Create a Peaceful Sanctuary

bedroom furniture + tatamiWho wouldn’t want a room in their house where they could instantly relax, one where stress evaporated from the moment they stepped inside?  With so many people seeking stress relief through exercise and massage, surprisingly few will take the time to create a restful space in their home where they can truly unwind.  If this sounds like you, then Japanese bedroom furniture, Zen décor, tatami meditation mats and other Asian-inspired furnishings might be just the inspiration you need to create a relaxing room in your home.

What will attract brilliant and positive thoughts to your personal space?  Believe it or not; it is simplicity of design.  The more you unclutter your space and replace it with organic materials and neutral tones; the fewer distractions there will be; leaving more room for the imagination.  Unfortunately, most Americans have been programmed to believe that “more stuff” is better.  Just a brief visit to the showroom of a Japanese furniture designer and one would have to agree that this décor is much more enlightening than many traditional American styles.  If you can picture a scene with low profile Zen bedroom furniture accented with organic cotton futons, shoji screens, tatami mats and Ginza table lamps, then you know how much décor can impact a mood.  Add a few stylish Japanese prints and you will be on your way to a Zen decorating experience.

With the simple styles offered in modern Japanese bedroom furniture, home decorators are inspired to turn the room into a peaceful sanctuary; one where people will spend time in deep meditation, contemplating deep thoughts or dreaming up lofty ideas. The controlled use of color and minimalistic decor can make a space like this the catalyst for positive change in your life.  As you walk the path of spiritual growth, you will find that this room is where you go for quiet moments of reflection.

Imagine a bedroom where your bedroom furniture is not the focal point, but rather a part of the room’s foundation; where tatami mats and neutral tones allow the eye to focus on a single flower arrangement or Japanese print.  When decorating in Japanese style, your options are only limited by your imagination, and the possibilities are endless.

Even if you don’t plan on a complete renovation of your home, adding some elements of Japanese décor will balance the look of any space.  Whether it is a single Ikebana vase, tatami mats on the floor, a shoji screen or Zen bedroom furniture, Japanese accessories are designed to blend in rather than stand out.  They help the flow of energy circulate around your home while improving your mood and quality of life.

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