Japanese Floor Cushions and Pillows Make Meditation More Comfortable

japanese floor cushions and pillowsHow can you add a new dimension of comfort to your meditation sessions?  The simple answer is this:  Japanese floor cushions and pillows.  You may have tried a variety of orthopedic pillows, yoga mats, memory foam cushions, or a combination of the three, but if you want reliable and long-lasting comfort, turn to the traditional Japanese cushions. 

If you’ve ever visited a Japanese home, particularly a tatami room or meditation space, you may already be familiar with zafus and zabutons.  While these furnishings may appear too simple to be comfortable, they offer a surprising amount of support during meditation.  Just by sitting on Japanese floor cushions and pillows for a few minutes, one immediately feels the difference in bodily alignment and overall comfort.

A recent article that appeared on this blog, “Add Comfort to Your Sacred Space with Japanese Floor Cushions and Pillows,” goes into detail about what makes these Zen-inspired cushions a perfect complement to your meditation practice.  According to the article, everyone uses zafu pillows and zabuton mats in a different way.  Some people position them in a specific way to aid in meditation poses, while others like to pile them up in a cozy spot for reading.  What’s nice about these pillows and cushions is their portability.  They are easy to carry from one room to another and can easily be stored away when not in use. 

Japanese floor cushions and pillows are made of organic materials like buckwheat hull and natural kapok or cotton batting, which makes them exceptionally supportive when sitting in the same position for long periods of time.   Kapok-filled support cushions are compression resistant, which makes them perfect for travel, and the 100% cotton twill covers can be removed easily for washing. 

Among the popular Japanese floor cushions and pillows available at Chopa is actually a “Chopa exclusive.”  Organic crescent shaped Zafu pillows add another layer of ergonomic support and height for practicing meditation in the lotus position.  Because they are so densely packed, they offer a higher level of back support than zabuton mats alone.  Thoroughly organic, these colorful Japanese pillow are made with cotton filling and an organically grown cotton twill covering.  A convenient side handle makes them easy to transport too. 

For the best selection of colorful and organic Japanese floor cushions and pillows, check out the impressive selection available at Chopa.com.

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