Japanese Garden Fountains – The Best Way to Relax At the End of the Day

Japanese garden fountainsAs stressful as life can be, it’s still not common to find a restful spot in many American homes.  Busy families have a hard time controlling the clutter and making the time to create a spot for relaxation, but those who do can take some advice from the Japanese.  Zen gardens and sacred spaces often incorporate Japanese garden fountains as a focal point, and designers know they also work on a porch, a sun room or a meditation room.

For families who are looking to transform an indoor space into a peaceful oasis, the use of Japanese garden fountains is a very important element.  Below is an overview of some of the more popular fountains now available for sale at Chopa.com.

The Shinto Table Fountain – This lighted fountain is the perfect finishing touch for a relaxing den, sunroom or sacred space in your home.  The soothing sound of cascading water adds softness and beauty in this sophisticated stone resin fountain, and an LED light is positioned at the top to accent the water’s movement as it falls over the edge.

A Buddha Serenity Fountain – One of Chopa’s most popular Japanese garden fountains inspires calmness and meditation simply because of its Buddha theme.  Sitting upon a large lotus blossom, Buddha represents spiritual perfection through the calmness of meditation.  The lotus blossom is a symbol of divine birth, spontaneous generation and purity, so this poly-resin fountain creates the perfect balance of serenity and thought.

Lighted Fountain with Three Pillars – The perfect accent for any indoor space or outdoor garden, this Zen inspired fountain is softly lit to create a restful ambience.  Sophisticated pillars add a unique design element to any space, and the LED lights at the top of each pillar accentuate this fountain’s architectural stone look.

Copper Leaves Table Fountain – Soothing sounds emanate from the cascading water of this designer-look fountain.  Made to replicate Zen Japanese garden fountains, this beautiful creation features graceful copper leaves above a quiet submersible pump.  This designer fountain makes the ideal focal point for a meditation room.

As the spring approaches and homeowners pay more attention to outdoor living spaces, Japanese garden fountains are expected to play an important role.  Chopa.com offers an impressive assortment of Japanese garden fountains, Ikebana vases, Zen gardening books, Buddha statues, and Japanese furniture.

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