Japanese Noren Curtains Add a Decorator’s Touch Without the Cost

japanese noren curtainsIf you have an interest in home decorating and interior design, then you may already be familiar with some of the unique home furnishings found in Japanese homes.  The Japanese have influenced modern home furnishings in many ways, including Shoji screens, futons, platform beds and Ginza table lamps, but there is another design element that is catching on in many parts of the world.  It is Japanese Noren curtains

Unlike the curtains we use to cover windows, Japanese Noren curtains are more than just a window covering.  In fact, they are usually seen in a doorway as a room divider.  In keeping with Japanese Feng Shui principles, Noren curtains were created to replace doorways and promote the free flow of energy from one room to the next.  But the Japanese didn’t stop there.  These beautiful fabric wall hangings double as a work of decorative art.

Instead of solid door panels, Japanese Noren curtains are screen-printed with colorful batik patterns that enhance the look of any room.  Some are designed to resemble important works of Japanese art, such as Mt. Fuji or Japanese Carp, and others are graceful depictions of Japanese flora, fans and dragonflies. 

A popular pattern among home decorators is the Bamboo Batik Noren.  At Chopa.com, these Japanese Noren curtains can be purchased in full door, half door and top door styles. These patterns give any room a unique and elegant focal point without being overly distracting.  Affordable and easy to install, they make a designer statement without the high cost of hiring a decorator.  

Does your home need a decorator’s touch?  For the best selection of Japanese Noren curtains made by Japanese artisans, shop at Chopa.com.

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