Japanese Style Furniture Can Make Your Home Look More Spacious

japanese style furnitureWhy is Japanese style furniture the best kept secret in decorating? Maybe it is this spare, contemporary style that gives interior designers that “edge,” but it seems like any room with low profile Zen furnishings has the unmistakable stamp of a decorator.  Is it possible that professional designers don’t want the general public to get in on their secret?  Probably not, but American homeowners are creatures of habit.  They rarely go into a furniture store looking for minimalist décor.  Rather, they seek out the biggest recliners, largest TVs, and longest dining room tables. But when they walk into a hotel lobby or designer show house, they marvel at its spacious simplicity.

Which room is the best place to start with Japanese style furniture and décor?

If you’ve never purchased Japanese style furniture, the best place to start is usually the bedroom.  Most people are already familiar with futons and platform beds, and these form the foundation of a Japanese style bedroom.  Add simple unembellished dressers and nightstands, Ginza table lamps and a shoji screen, and the room will become a restful Zen oasis.  In addition to Japanese style furniture, why not add an ikebana vase, Sumi calligraphy print or tatami mats?  All of these wonderful items are available at Chopa.com.

How can Japanese style décor change the dimensions of your home?

Once you finish your first room in Japanese décor, it might surprise you how much larger your room looks.  That’s because Japanese style furniture has a simple, low-profile design.  If it can add this much space to a bedroom, think of what it could do for the rest of your home.  It might take awhile to transition your whole house from traditional “cluttered American” to a contemporary Japanese look. But it has the power to transform the look of your home.

Japanese style furniture will also help enormously when it comes time to sell your home.    Most real estate agents use a “staging” process before showing a home, which usually recommends removing clutter, knick-knacks and extra furniture to achieve an uncluttered minimalist look.  When your home is less cluttered and more restful, prospective buyers can picture themselves living there.

Consider adding a Zen bedroom, sitting room or meditation space in your home and decorating it with Japanese style furniture.  Find the best selection and prices at Chopa.com.

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