Japanese Style Home Décor Made Easy

japanese style home decorIs it time to renovate your home and give it a fresh new look?  As spring approaches, thousands of homeowners will be looking to Japanese style home décor for inspiration.  One reason for this is the way a Japanese interior can open up the home and make it more restful and inviting.  Rather than cluttering up their homes with piles of books, endless nick-knacks and over-sized furniture, Zen interior designers know that less is more.  Instead of looking for more ways to personalize their space, Japanese home decor focuses on the people in the room by employing neutral tones and low profile furnishings.

In a recent poll of U.S. interior designers, Japanese or Zen design is the most requested type of décor for the home.  Even those who choose a American contemporary furniture often include an element of Japanese style home décor here and there, whether it is a Shoji screen, a Japanese print or a futon bed.

In response to homeowners who want to do their own renovation project, here are a few ways to incorporate a Japanese look in the home.

Start with the floor.  If your budget allows, you can replace traditional carpeting or tile with a highly polished hardwood or bamboo flooring.  Some people prefer a Berber carpet or tatami mats for a cozier room, but the best Zen décor begins with the simplest surface.

Paint in neutral tones.  In order to achieve the look of Japanese style home décor, you will want the walls to fade into the background. No loud screaming colors or patterned wallpapers are necessary, but a neutral tone with coordinating molding will look terrific.

De-clutter your home.  Start by throwing away or giving away all the little “bits and pieces” that clutter your space.  A peaceful and serene home begins with simple décor and clear surfaces.

Add a focal point. Whether it is an oversized Japanese woodcut print or a splash of color in a neutral-toned room, it’s easy to maintain a Zen feel to your home.  It’s common to place a focal point object in the center of the room because it draws visitors into the space.

Invite the outside in.  A single orchid in an Ikebana vase, a Japanese fountain babbling in the corner, or a tall bamboo plant providing shade in a sunroom – all of these things add an air of restfulness that is vital to Japanese style home décor.

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