Let a Feng Shui Chime Set the Mood for Meditation

feng shui chimePeople who are very good at meditation are able to shut out the world around them and move into a different space of quiet mental energy, but this ability isn’t something everyone is born with.  Most of us need some help in transitioning from our day-to-day reality into a transcendental state.  A meditation chime timer is often the best solution for starting and ending a session, by sending a subtle signal to the mind.  They can also be used to break up negative energy in the home. 

If you like the idea of a Feng Shui chime but are not into meditation, these gorgeous chimes are a great way to introduce a dimension of sound into your home environment.  For the ultimate relaxing retreat, light some incense, dim the lights and listen to the sound of Feng Shui chimes as you practice yoga positions or focused meditation.

For centuries, meditation gongs and chimes have been used to enhance awareness and set the mood for proper meditation. This delightful Feng Shui chime is made from sage-washed ash wood, with three platinum finished aluminum tubes and an accent of jade stones, but it is also available with rose quartz stones and black ash wood.  The tubes on these chimes are hollow, which is believed to help chi energy circulate.  It measures 39” long and is known to promote good health, good fortune and prosperity. 

In addition to the Feng Shui Chime – Chi Energy, other meditation gongs like the Zenergy meditation chime are often used to furnish a sacred space and add positive aesthetics in the home or garden.  For a sunroom or outdoor patio, Feng Shui wind chimes make a unique and soothing accent to the décor, and they are an excellent gift idea.

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