Live in the Moment with these Sacred Gemstone Pendants

sacred gemstone pendantsIf there is one thing that we can learn from Eastern religions, it is to live fully in the present moment.  This may sound simple, but even the most meditative Tibetan Buddhist uses visual reminders to help her remain fully “mindful”.  Perhaps it is the Tibetan symbolism used in these sacred gemstone pendants, or it could be the natural beauty of the images themselves, but there is something about these eco-friendly glass pendants that helps the wearer find grace.

At, there is no shortage of beautiful Zen furnishings for the home and lovely kimonos to decorate the body, but now it is also an online destination for inspired symbolic jewelry.  Each of the sacred gemstone pendants in their jewelry collection is hand crafted in the United States and made from ecologically friendly materials.  Craftspeople use colorful art glass in combination with I-Ching coins and black cording to create beautiful sacred gemstone pendants.

A great example of one of these pendants is the Sacred Gemstone Health Pendant (shown here), which offers a unique combination of Shamanism and metaphysical healing properties by incorporating the healing powers of gemstones in a piece of symbolic jewelry.  Each of these artistic creations is designed and blessed by a Suzanne Michell, a well-known artist and Reiki master.  In this particular piece, Moss Agate is used for its healing properties, which are known to promote immunity, speed recovery and give the wearer a healthy spirit of vitality.  In addition o the gemstone’s healing properties, wearers also benefit from the symbolic richness of an I-Ching coin. 

Another popular sacred gemstone pendant is the “Terra Firma Protection and Prosperity Pendant”, which is crafted from solid black jasper, a mineral that is believed to ward off danger and give the wearer “protection” by deflecting another person’s negative energy.  It is also believed to foster “prosperity” by guarding the wearer from misfortunes.  It too is complemented by a symbolic I-Ching coin and a smaller moss agate stone that adds protection from illness.   

Each of these sacred gemstone pendants is 1.5” in diameter and comes attached to a 24” adjustable black cord.  Add perfect harmony and balance to your life by collecting these pendants for yourself, or buy them as a unique gift for those special women in your life.  Each pendant is packaged in an attractive gift box and comes with a descriptive card.

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