Liven Up Your Office Space with a Bamboo Chair Mat

bamboo chair matIf we had a choice and could build our own office, most of us would surround ourselves with rich textures, fabulous woods and organic furnishings all day.  It’s unfortunate that the environment in so many offices is so drab and uninspiring.  Not only are we flooded with fluorescent lighting and the electromagnetic fields emitted from a room full of computers, we often sit in drab, colorless cubicles surrounded by inorganic fibers, metal and plastic – not exactly the recipe for job satisfaction.  The sad part about it is that our attempts to “jazz up the space” are usually limited a few family pictures and wall calendar.  Wouldn’t it be nice to add some practical and fun office accessories too?

With so many homeowners zealously creating their own Zen spaces and meditation sanctuaries, it only makes sense that some of this flavor would find its way into the office.  Whether it’s a Japanese print, ikebana vase, or hand-woven bamboo chair mat, there are plenty of ways to make your space more inviting.

One of my personal favorites is the dark cherry bamboo office chair mat.  Instead of buying another tchotchke for the desk, these sustainably harvested mats are highly functional and more durable than plastic mats.  Each one is carefully crafted to withstand high traffic and they are incredibly easy to clean.

What makes these chair mats so unique?

Woven from 100 percent Moso bamboo that is kiln-dried and finely detailed, these elegant mats are finished with an eco-friendly UV-cured coating.  This extra attention to detail offers the ultimate protection from wear, tear and fading.  Each mat has a felt backing with non-slip gripper dots to keep the mat in place.  With rounded edges that make it easy for the chair to slide on and off, the mat also rolls up for easy storage and shipping.  The chair mat is designed for commercial carpet or hard floors and hard floor chair casters are recommended for optimum performance.  Some color variations may occur due to the unique natural qualities of the bamboo. Measuring 42” x 48”, each bamboo slat is 2: wide.

If you want to find that single office accessory that will introduce the colors of nature to your gray cubicle, consider a richly textured bamboo chair mat.  They’re also a perfect complement to a home office and they are a beautiful way to protect hardwood floors.

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