Make 2013 Authentic

Authenticity is to hold to one’s core beliefs and for 2013, we want to share nine steps that may help you have the best year of your life so far!

1. Define What is Important to You – and stand by your decisions. When you begin to worry about how others perceive you, you have abandoned authenticity.

2. Own Your Decisions – When you have made a decision that feels good to you, embrace it. If it faces opposition from others and you can’t own it, then it’s time to re-think what you are doing.

3. Learn to Say Yes – Be spontaneous and accept impromptu offers to have fun or try something new. These are often the times we have the most enjoyable experiences.

4. Acknowledge your Body’s messages – If you are feeling tired, stressed or impatient, take a time out. Do what you need to feel better whether it’s a walk, a nap or just some quiet reflective time.

5. Money Matters – Spending beyond your means is really pretending to be someone you aren’t. Impulse buys will lead to regret down the road.

6. Take a Break From Being Busy – Allow yourself time each day to breathe, empty the mind and relax, it’s good for the body, it’s great for the soul and one of the kindness things you can do for yourself.

7. Treat Yourself -Honor your own needs each day. It may just be 30 minutes of alone time from the house and kids, going to a movie or getting a massage. You will find when you have time to yourself, you will have more of yourself to give to others.

8. Be Realistic – Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Establish small, easy steps to reach your goals. As you accomplish each one, you will build confidence and attain those long held desires.

9. Love Yourself – If you can’t say I love you to yourself, you can’t fully love others in your life.

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