Make your Meditation Space “Sing” with Japanese Rin Gongs

Japanese Rin Gongs - Available in Three Sizes

Have you ever wondered how people who meditate often are able to block out external thoughts and stay calm and focused for long periods of time?  Or, how they seem to be able to move from one chakra to another without losing their concentration?  Well, one of the most reliable ways to do this involves the use of a meditation gong, which adds a musical element to signal the beginning and end of meditation periods. 

While many types of gongs and chimes are popular in Zen practices, the Japanese Rin Gong offers one of the most beautiful, melodious and long-lasting tones.  Also known as Japanese Singing Bowls, Rin Gongs are tapped with a mallet and very easy to use.  Each bowl includes a corresponding note for each chakra, according to the Vedic system, which allows for a peaceful transition between meditation periods. 

This Japanese Rin Gong makes a pure and resonant tone for focusing the mind on Zen meditation and prayer, because it is made from perfectly smooth polished brass. Long a part of Zen Buddhist tradition, it makes a perfect choice of meditation instruments.  The Rin Gong’s tones are predictably clear and lack the variable, complex harmonics of most Himalayan singing bowls.  They can be used to signal the beginning and end of a yoga or mediation session, or in the art of feng-shui to clear a space.

These classic Japanese gongs make a handsome addition to any meditation space and each gong comes with a wooden striker and a silk brocade cushion.    Rebalance your energy, your space, and your self with a Japanese Rin Gong from

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