Meditation Accessories and Supplies Turn Your Sacred Space into a Sanctuary

meditation accessories and suppliesMeditation may soothe the soul, but doing it successfully is an art.  Only when you are able to thoroughly relax your mind and body will you enter into a state of enhanced awareness. 

The meditation accessories and supplies available at are designed to help you block out the distractions of the world and connect with the Spirit.  Whether it is the sound of a meditation gong or chime or the focus provided by a sacred object, or the comfort of a meditation cushion, the right accessories will turn your sacred space into a peaceful sanctuary.

Tibetan gongs, Buddhist gongs and Feng Shui wind chimes have been used for centuries throughout Asia to signify the beginning and end of a meditation session.  Their clear and resonant tones train the mind to focus and the body to relax, so that the proper mood can be established for meditation. 

Meditation cushions are more than just pillows.  Often called zafus or zabutons, they are comfortable and durable meditation accessories that are handmade from natural fibers like silk, cotton and hemp on the outside, and filled with natural buckwheat filling that conforms to any body shape. 

But meditation accessories and supplies go beyond chimes, gongs and cushions.  To make your sacred space truly personalized, Zen décor such as Japanese prints, tatami mats and Buddha statues are the finishing touch.  Not only will they add to the beauty and ambience of your meditation area; they will turn it into the favorite room in your home. 

Finding the best selection of authentic Zen meditation supplies and accessories for your sacred space is easy at

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