Nature Inspired Area Rugs Add an Elegant Touch to Any Living Space

area rugs, zen area rugs, bamboo area rugsYou’ve purchased all the Zen décor for your home – the tatami mats, meditation cushions, Tibetan singing bowls and Japanese prints, and it all looks terrific; but you may need something to pull it all together.  Maybe it’s time to consider one of the nature-inspired Zen area rugs now available at Chopa (  When you decorate your living area or meditation space with minimalistic Zen furnishings, an understated area rug can be the finishing touch. 

Bring the tranquility of a Zen garden into your living room by selecting a 5’ x 8’ or 3.5’ x 5.5’area rug that resembles a serene garden or a bamboo plant.  The neutral “earth tone” color palette of these rugs allows them to blend right in with any natural fibers or fabrics in your room, while adding a rich, textural dimension.  Beautifully crafted and ultra-soft, these area rugs are made from 100% lustrous polyester so they are extra soft and easy to maintain.

If your tastes run more toward organically-woven bamboo area rugs or sisal rugs, then Chopa is the best place to shop.  In addition to natural bamboo colored mats, they also have an impressive selection of colored bamboo rugs.  No matter which one you choose, you can be assured that these eco-friendly and durable rugs will last for many years to come. Made from sustainably harvested bamboo that is hand finished and kiln-dried, bamboo area rugs are easy to clean and ideal for high-traffic areas.  Bamboo slats are bound with 100% cotton and mitered corners, and finished with a color-coordinated accent stitch.

For the best selection of nature-inspired area rugs and bamboo area rugs to complement your Zen décor, shop at

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